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Welcome to Winter

With the change of season, we often notice changes within the skin and body, so let us share with you our winter newsletter.

We have some exciting news regarding a new facial treatment as well as welcoming Liz who is going to be offering her Botox and filler services starting in July. Our team shares their guide to winter wellness and how to keep the winter blues away.


KH Beauty Team
Nordic Natural Essential Fatty Acid supplements

Kylie’s must have for winter is Nordic Natural Essential Fatty Acid supplements. There is many benefits to essential fatty acids or omega’s but during winter you can find your skin will feel a lot drier than normal. Treating the skin from the inside out is certainly going to help boost your nourishment and hydration of your skin during the winter months. 

O Cosmedics Hydra Sleep-in- Mask

Jayden’s go to product for winter is the O Cosmedics hydra plus sleep in mask. The mask is great to use during the winter months because it increases the hydration levels in the skin. I use this mask 3 times a week.

O Cosmedics Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Jane’s favourite thing to do is heat up her O Cosmedics Nourishing Cleansing Balm for a warming hydrating cleanse. Perfect for taking off her makeup at the end of a cold winter’s day. This is the perfect way to treat yourself to a little self-care bringing your favourite clinic tips into the start of a perfect at home self-care routine.

Thorne Zinc

To compliment a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, Belle recommends taking zinc which is a great contender for a winter boost. Zinc is an essential micronutrient that plays a key role in skin function, immune system, and numerous other functions in your body! Taking zinc in winter works a treat as it helps with boosting your immunity during these winter months.

The scent of the Kh Health and Beauty coconut candles in a cold winter’s night burning in my home brings a cosy warm feeling. My favourite scent is the “INTO THE WOODS” with beautiful tones of cedar and sandalwood. I love the fact that out candles are locally made, environmentally friendly and made from coconut wax.



We would like to welcome Liz O’Connor to our clinic. Liz is a registered nurse specialising in injectables. 

Liz will be offering Botox and filler treatments in the clinic. Botox targets the resting lines. It works by softening the appearance of wrinkles making them look refreshed and younger. The main areas people like to get Botox are the crow’s feet, the forehead lines, and the frown which is the ’11’ lines that form from constant frowning. Filler restores volume loss which becomes a lot more apparent as we age due to the due to loss of collagen, change in bone structure and movement of fat pads. For more information on Botox or filler, contact the KH team.

Liz says “ I love my job as I get to help women LOOK the way they feel, or help them FEEL how they WANT to feel through improving their skin or enhancing their natural features with injectable treatments. I’m not here to change one’s appearance but to simply enhance/balance facial features and create radiant skin”.

Liz’s next visit to the clinic is Monday the 3rd of July, call the clinic to make an appointment.


Our Winter Indulgence has now been launched. This treatment has been designed by the KH team, we understand how the harsh, cool winter impacts our skins creating dryness and dehydration. We created The Winter Indulgence Treatment being mindful about making your skin feel comfortable during the winter months. We have incorporated skincare that will nourish and hydrate your skin. A relaxing warming treatment that will leave you rejuvenated and your skin winter ready.  

Winter Indulgence