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Skincare: Salon vs. Supermarket

A question we often get: “Why should I spend money on professional skincare, when I can get skincare for a fraction of the price at the supermarket?”

You’ve probably heard the words ‘active ingredients’, ‘paraben free’, ‘enzymes’ and all types of vitamins thrown around by skincare companies and even by our therapists but what do they mean to you and what benefit do they have on your skin? What’s the difference if both supermarket brands and your skincare specialists are using the exact same words?

However, just because two products have the same or similar active ingredients does not mean they work to the same efficiency. Usually the cost of a salon product is more expensive as they use higher amounts of active ingredients (meaning an ingredient is biologically active) than supermarket brands or the delivery method is more advanced; the ingredients are better absorbed into the skin.

How will you know what products are best for your skin? The best way is to come in and talk to one of our therapists. We offer a 30-minute Mini Facial which is perfect to allow the therapist to give you a good cleanse and have a close look at your skin and decide what products and treatments will suit you and your individual skin needs. You may be surprised to what type your skin is. Whether it be dry, oily or combination. We have found plenty of times before clients coming in and they often describe their skin to have a different type to what we later assess them to have. This means that without professional help they would have walked into a supermarket and picked up a product that may not be suited to their skin, and therefore cause damage instead of good.

Your therapist will talk to you not only about what your skin needs but also what you want, whether that be helping towards anti-ageing, adding some hydration or even helping with pigmentation. Having a professional look at your skin properly and offer you products and recommend treatments to help isn’t something you get from your local supermarket.