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Our RESET nighttime blend is a select choice of terpenes blended with hemp seed oil to help you rest in the evening. Hemp seed oil is used because it supports:

  • BRAIN FUNCTION – Hemp seed oil delivers vital nutrients such as magnesium and amino acids to your brain to help reduce stress & anxiety, improve memory, and support neurotransmitter function in your brain.

Our RESET nighttime blend contains the following terpenes:

  • MYRCENE – this helps improve your sleep and helps provide some musculo-skeletal discomfort relief
  • LINALOOL – this helps enhance your sense of calmness and helps promote physical relaxation
  • LIMONENE – this helps reduce your stress & anxiety levels and helps regulate your mood

If you struggle with:

  • Getting quality sleep at night,
  • Winding down from work, or
  • Managing your stress levels in the evening;

Then our RESET nighttime blend is exactly what you need to help you rest and dissolve your daily concerns into the pillow.