Providing a true experience for everyone

Welcome to KH Health and Beauty. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding level of service in beauty therapy.

Our facials focus on taking your skin to a state of perfect skin health by working at a cellular level we are increasing cell respiration and detoxification, stimulating blood flow and lymph drainage whilst improving superficial clarity and radiance.

Combining science with nature, and a hands on delivery ensure deep penetration and dramatic results. As skin is constantly changing, throughout the year as well as over the years. Skin conditions are affected by seasonal and emotional factors like stress, products you use, food, age and lifestyle. The skin needs to be treated accordingly, so each treatment is personalized and will change with your skin.

With now being able to do a SkinDNA genetic test which is a quick DNA test that can identify your skins strengths and weaknesses. Based on your results we are able to recommend the most ideal skincare ingredients, supplements, and treatment tailored to your DNA.

We love doing facials but we found the focus had become solely focused on machines and lasers. We believe in a holistic, hands-on experience.The power of touch and the right skincare and supplements we can achieve results for your perfect skin health.

About Us

At KH Health and Beauty we are committed to our clients always feeling welcomed, nurtured and relaxed. Our philosophy centres on providing high-quality services in an atmosphere that is completely friendly and inviting.

Our therapists are dedicated to you. With holistic, hands–on approach to beauty let us guide you on the perfect beauty treatment path. We provide all aspects of beauty therapy including nail care, hair removal, spray tanning, massage and specializing in facial treatments and skincare treatment plans.

Cancellation Fee

Our appointment has been reserved just for you. In order to honour our time, the time of the therapist, and the time of other clients. In an event of a no show or less than 24 hour notice of your appointment cancellation, there will be a 50% cancellation fee occurred.